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We take a different approach to building software. With our unique process, we'll save your company time & money while maintaining extremely high quality standards.

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The Blueprint Phase

1. Story Mapping
  • Defines project requirements
  • Sets project scope
  • Gets stakeholders involved
2. Rapid Prototyping
  • Quickly see things visually
  • Reduces overall cost & risk
  • Frequent collaboration
3. Architecture
  • Best technologies selected
  • Safe and secure codebase
  • Industry standard practices
1. Story Mapping and Discovery
All our projects start with Story Mapping and Discovery. Story Mapping allows us to define user types, features and functionality of the application. Here you can see Josh, our CEO sketching out functionality with Terryberry.
2. Rapid Prototyping
Once we've story mapped your application, we immediately start building a prototype. Prototypes are much faster to build than coding right away and allows for flexability in changes via feedback sessions. Here you can see early versions of Terryberry's prototype.
3. Architecture
Architecture is the last step of the blueprinting process. Our senior software architects create diagrams for code that needs to be written, and how different systems interact with one another.

The Development & Delivery Phase

1. Polished Design
  • Polishing design of prototype
  • UI and illustration
  • Design system and colors
2. Coding
  • Safe and secure code
  • Industry standard practices
  • Logical and semantic
3. Delivery
  • Project delivery to client
  • Delivery to end users
  • Documentation handoff
1. Polished Design
We're approaching home base. Once the blueprint is done we can put paint on the prototype and make it more visually appealing. Here you can see a more polished version of Terryberry's prototype.
2. Coding
Coding is where the bulk of the work on your project will be. Our developers code the app to look and function exactly like the prototype (but for real!).
3. Delivery
Once complete, the app is delivered to stakeholders. Below, you can see the screenshots of Terryberry's final product.

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